Individual Counselling,
Family and Child Counselling
& Online Counselling Services

Nōmina offers individual counselling services, family & child counselling services, and couples counselling services by registered psychotherapists who are trained and skilled in a variety of research-based therapeutic modalities for mental health and addiction. This variety of skills and expertise allows us to choose the best method of treatment for each individual. 


Nōmina has clinical expertise in various therapeutic trauma approaches such as ISTDP, EMDR, and cognitive modalities such as CBT, DBT, and ACT. With these, Nōmina will deliver a comprehensive approach to healing not found elsewhere in other therapy programs. We are highly skilled in working with treatment-resistant and complex disorders


We think the underlying reason behind a mental health issue is separate from the way that issue is expressed. We help you dig under the surface to find what is at the root of a particular issue and combine it with the successes you have had in your life to create new behavioural patterns. Our masters-level registered psychotherapists use this information to help you make connections about how your past influences your present and even your future.

For online counselling, call a location near you to book your virtual session.