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Nōmina Integrated Mental Health Clinic -Winnipeg, MB

At Nōmina Integrated Mental Health Clinic - Winnipeg, MB we provide leading programming, with advanced ‘evidenced-based therapies’ by a highly specialized and trained clinical team. Nōmina is holistic, integrated care all right in one convenient location.

Our highly experienced team of professionals has a diverse range of specializations and all registered psychotherapists hold a minimum master’s level education.  Nōmina has clinical expertise in various therapeutic trauma approaches such as ISTDP, EMDR, and cognitive modalities such as CBT, DBT, and ACT. With these, Nōmina will deliver a comprehensive approach to healing not found elsewhere in other therapy programs. We are highly skilled in working with treatment-resistant and complex disorders. 

The dedicated people at Nōmina Winnipeg share a united passion and purpose.

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Dan Klco
Clinical Director


Daniel’s practice as a clinical counsellor includes somatic focus work (ISTDP) on mental health experiences including depression, anxiety, pain management addictions, sexual health, and complex medically unexplained conditions. Daniel is also trained in other modalities such as EMDR, DNF, and other evidence based cognitive methods. He specializes in Forest Therapy and holistic approaches to achieving overall health and wellness. Daniel served several tours overseas as a pilot.

Ridima Pinto

Clinical  Counsellor



Ridima believes in providing her clients with a safe space to share their stories. Her therapeutic approach is Rogerian at its core but includes a mix of modalities, such as CBT, EFT, and Narrative therapy, that best fit her client's needs. While the treatment goals are set collaboratively, she strives to enable change and instill a sense of hope and self-love, and self-esteem in her clients. She looks forward to being a part of your journey to healing and fulfillment.

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Deanna Lutzek
Clinical Counsellor

Deanna believes every person has the right to live their lives without the hindrance of mental distress impeding their daily functioning. She utilizes a client-centered approach to counselling and believes that each person brings their own unique story providing an opportunity for self-reflection and developing self-growth. Deanna operates with a multitude of modalities such as CBT, DBT, SFT, and narrative therapy. The approach decided is based on a collaboration with the client to determine which theoretical approach best suits their process for attaining their goals. She likes to challenge her clients with new perspectives and ideas to help them explore being out of their comfort zone while giving them the opportunity to add to their personal development.