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Niagara ON

Nōmina Integrated Mental Health Clinic - St. Catharines, ON


At Nōmina Integrated Mental Health Clinic - St. Catharines, ON we provide leading programming, with advanced ‘evidenced-based therapies’ by a highly specialized and trained clinical team. Nōmina is holistic, integrated care all right in one convenient location.

Our highly experienced team of professionals has a diverse range of specializations and all registered psychotherapists hold a minimum master’s level education.  Nōmina has clinical expertise in various therapeutic trauma approaches such as ISTDP, EMDR, and cognitive modalities such as CBT, DBT, and ACT. With these, Nōmina will deliver a comprehensive approach to healing not found elsewhere in other therapy programs. We are highly skilled in working with treatment-resistant and complex disorders. 

The dedicated people at Nōmina St. Catharines share a united passion and purpose.

Victoria Dilts 
Clinical Counsellor

BSc, MACP, RP(q)

Victoria strives to create a safe space for clients no matter gender identities, sexual orientation, culture, or beliefs. She shares Nomina’s ideals that making a difference for our clients is about a strong therapeutic relationship, open-mindedness, and a completely judgement free environment.

Victoria obtained her Honors Bachelor of Science as a Psychology Specialist from the University of Toronto with a focus on developmental psychology. She completed her Master of Counseling Psychology at Yorkville University. In addition to her training as a general practitioner, she is also a Certified Trauma Integration Clinician, SMART recovery trained, and certified to apply Direct Neurofeedback.

Christina Scheer

Clinical  Counsellor


As a Registered Master of Social Work Clinician with over ten years of experience, Christina’s practice as a Clinical Counsellor includes a strengths-based, client-centered approach to healing. She utilizes a holistic style of treatment to support clients to achieve their personal treatment goals. Cristina is also a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. By combining theoretical aspects of social work with yoga and energy work, she offers compassionate, client-centered counselling that supports each person in individual and unique ways that serve their distinct needs. Before exploring the field of Health and Wellness, she specialized in working with children, youth, and young adults who struggled with substance misuse, family breakdown, severe and persistent mental illness, and various other disorders within a treatment facility.