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Intensive Recovery Coaching Addiction Program

Our Intensive Recovery Coaching Program offers integrated, regular access to addictions support for those who do not need medical detoxification, while remaining in their supportive home environments.


Our team-based approach is focused on helping individuals through the difficult first stages of recovery with a personalized support plan. Offering clients access to much-needed recovery support, while still being able to fulfill their daily work and family commitments, can be an effective alternative to residential treatment programs. 

Our program includes:

  • Regular psychoeducational support

  • A minimum of weekly one-on-one sessions with a registered counsellor to support and address the underlying issues that lead to addiction

  • Integrated family education and support

  • Regular SMART Recovery and other group supports

  • Ongoing support through phone, text and in-person from a designated recovery coach. 


Need a Little More Support?

Nōmina Wellness @ Forbidden Plateau is a premier mental wellness residential treatment centre, specializing in holistic treatment of trauma, addictions, and other complex mental health conditions. ​

Nōmina’s second stage and recovery housing lets you remain living in our supportive environment while continuing to access our integrated programs and resources.