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Everything You Need to Know About Direct Neurofeedback

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

What is Direct Neurofeedback?

Everyone has bad habits, even your brain. Just like you and me, your brainwaves can get stuck in patterns of behaviour that can be harmful and hard to get out of. The brain can often rely on maladaptive or counterproductive pathways because of the habitual patterns it has created. Patterns of underactivation, overactivation or disturbed coordination of brain activity have been found associated with many types of mental health conditions. Sometimes it just needs a reminder to realize 'stuck' neural patterns and re-establishes new healthy ones. That is what Direct Neurofeedback is. It is a technology that can help you alter your maladaptive brainwaves to create new, more optimal pathways.

Direct Neurofeedback is a technology that does exactly that. It can help you alter your maladaptive brainwaves to create new, more optimal pathways, helping you feel more relaxed, calm, and clear and it can be used to treat mental help conditions.

How Does it Work?

Direct Neurofeedback uses an extremely low-strength electromagnetic current (far less far less than a AA battery held to your forehead). Small sensors are placed on the temples and around the head to monitor brain activity and send a tiny, imperceptible signal to the brain. This signal slightly disrupts typical brain activity, helping the brain "see" its useful and inefficient neural patterns. The DNF currents help the brain create new neural pathways creating adaptation and new personal growth. The current is completely harmless and totally safe for adults and children.

A typical course of treatment runs for 10-24 sessions; each session can be scheduled 1-3 times a week. The effects can be felt just after the first session but will only last a few days. As sessions and treatment continue, the effects will last longer and longer until there is no loss of effects between sessions. As part of Nōmina Integrated Health, we combine DNF with advanced psychotherapy to create a multi-faceted treatment plan to help you achieve optimal mental health as quickly as possible. Additional treatment is not usually required; however, some clients do require a booster session.

Is Direct Neurofeedback Right for Me?

Direct Neurofeedback can be used to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD/OSI, addiction, ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, autism, concussions, and other brain injuries. And because it is so easy to administer and doesn't require any medication it can be very effective at treating children who are on the ADHD/autism spectrum.

Nomina specializes in Direct Neurofeedback, so give us a call if you are looking for a skilled DNF therapist.


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