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Nōmina's Recovery School Approach in Outpatient Rehab

Dedicated to Addressing Complex Addictions & Mental Health Challenges.

Outpatient Rehab Program

Understanding the Intricate Tapestries of Addiction & Mental Health

At Nōmina Integrated Health, we perceive addiction and mental health as complex narratives often intertwined. Our outpatient rehab program embodies this understanding, offering comprehensive support for those navigating substance dependencies and complex mental health concerns such as Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Introducing the 6 or 8-week Outpatient Rehab Day Program

Optimal for those not in immediate need of medical detoxification, this program acts as a secure gateway for deeper engagements in outpatient addiction and mental health treatments, all while residing in the solace of your home.

Your Journey with Our Rehab Day Program:

  • Personalized Assessments: Comprehensive evaluations to craft your recovery blueprint.

  • Dynamic Sessions: Weekly psychotherapy sessions with your guiding clinician and support counsellor.

  • Direct Neuro Feedback: Exclusive to our 8-week program.

  • Group Engagements: Evening sessions tailored for individual transformation and collective insights.

  • Wellness Nurturing: Support for physical well-being and lifestyle balance.

  • Family Integration: An immersive online weekend retreat, intertwining loved ones in your healing voyage.

A Team Grounded in Professional Expertise and Personal Experience

Benefit from addiction and mental health counselling uniquely shaped for you, delivered by our master’s level Registered Psychotherapists. Not only are they proficient in diverse therapeutic techniques, but many also bring the invaluable perspective of personal recovery and lived experience. We're deeply committed to understanding and addressing each individual's unique journey and needs.

Take Control of Your Narrative

Free yourself from the grips of addiction and mental health challenges. Embark on this transformative expedition with Nōmina Integrated Health. Discover our outpatient rehab program, which resonates with the spirit of a recovery school.

Call your local Nōmina Integrated Health today and develop your outpatient rehab program treatment plan.

Some services may be available virtually. Check with us to discuss options that are best for you.

Part services may be covered by extended health benefits, and we encourage you to check with your provider.

Meet DanKlco, Clinical Director at our Winnipeg clinic and learn about Outpatient Treatment.

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