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Virtual Therapy in Canada

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Nōmina Integrated Health is excited to launch our new Virtual Therapy in Canada.


Virtual therapy is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments for various mental health conditions. With its immersive environments and the ability for clients to progress feelings in a safe and secure environment, VR therapy offers many potential benefits over traditional treatment methods like exposure therapies.


Therapeutic Virtual Reality:

VR therapeutic therapy combines traditional talk therapy with immersive virtual environments to help patients work through their issues in a safe, controlled space. VR sessions work much like face-to-face sessions. The therapist creates a treatment plan based on evidence-based therapies and works with the client to process events, manage emotions and develop new skills. It provides an environment where clients can feel safe enough to process their feelings without fear of judgment or repercussions.

Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy:

Because VR therapy uses computer-generated images and three-dimensional environments, it can help clients confront their fears and anxieties head-on. For example, suppose someone has an extreme fear of flying. In that case, they can use virtual reality technology to get used to being in an airplane without having to board one themselves. By confronting these fears in a safe and controlled environment, patients can learn how to cope with them effectively and overcome them altogether.

Virtual reality therapy has been proven effective in treating various issues. Virtual reality therapy for PTSD and virtual reality therapy for anxiety disorders are the most common. It has also been beneficial in treating depression, phobias, addiction, trauma-related disorders, eating disorders, mood swings and personality disorders. It can be used for individual, family and couples' counselling sessions.

If you are looking for a virtual therapist and a new way to approach your mental health journey, consider giving virtual reality mental health therapy a try! Call us at 1 (877) 651-0293 to book your first VR session.

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