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At all our Nōmina Integrated Health clinics, we believe family counselling is invaluable in promoting a family's growth and overall well-being.


Our therapeutic staff uses the most innovative methods to help family members overcome communication issues, understand their conflicts, and develop healthier relationships. We strive to tailor our family counselling services to each family's unique needs, creating an empathetic and non-judgemental atmosphere in which all family members can achieve greater self-sufficiency. Our team is passionate about helping families work through their struggles by fostering understanding and unconditional acceptance.

At our family counselling practice, it's so important to us that we utilize evidence-based therapies. That's why we always take the time to ensure each and every one of our therapies has a solid foundation in research and science. Our therapists assess each individual family's needs to decide which kind of therapy will be most beneficial for them. We're positive that once you experience one of our evidence-based therapies, you'll walk away knowing you've made progress and are on the right path toward being a stronger family unit.

Need More Intensive Family Counselling?


When addressing complex mental health and addiction issues in the family, it can be hard to navigate them alone. That is why we also offer a specialized virtual family program to support loved ones who are experiencing a difficult time with someone they care about. Learn more.


Call your local Nōmina Integrated Health today and develop your family counselling plan.

Family Counselling 

Family Counselling
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