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Discover Forest Therapy with a Forest Therapy Guide

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Try a Forest Therapy Session

Forest Therapy is a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature. Through guided activities and gentle discussions, an experienced and highly trained Forest Therapy Guide will help you explore the relationship between your well-being and being outdoors. Forest Therapy is about slowing down, observing the environment, letting yourself be inspired by it, and using this as fuel for personal growth. As Forest Therapy Guides, we will take you on this journey of self-reflection in a safe and supportive environment. Each session will focus on mindfulness practices that bring us close contact with nature, supporting better physical and mental health.


Try an Adventure Therapy Weekend

Adventure Therapy includes 2 introductory sessions before a full-service weekend, including meals and lodging, and 2 follow-up sessions. Weekend activities will take place from Friday evening – Sunday afternoon.

Adventure therapy uses experimental education and is intended to be an intimate group process weekend. Participants will be guided through moderate outdoor physical activity while being provided supportive counselling services. Adventure therapy is ideal for individuals, families, or couples looking to develop increased self-confidence, build trust, and improve communication, particularly in group dynamics.

Activities can include but are not limited to hiking, canoeing, biking, yoga, karate, surfing, snowshoeing, skiing etc. All activities are developed in consultation with the client's interests and skills.

Due to planning restrictions, at least 8 weeks advance notice and a 50% deposit is required.



Call your local Nōmina Integrated Health today and learn more.

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