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Nōmina's Executive Forest Therapy

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Could your executive team benefit from a performance enhancement? Are they operating below their peak potential? Is conventional team-building falling short of your expectations?


Welcome to Nōmina's Executive Forest Therapy. We expertly match your team with one of our seasoned clinicians and certified forest therapy guides for an immersive journey that could redefine their professional and personal lives.

Research demonstrates that cohesive teams function more effectively. By dedicating time to bonding in nature and heightening team synergy, you invest in your team's long-term productivity and effectiveness. This is more than a day out of the office - it's a strategic, cumulative action to boost your team's performance with tangible results.

With experience providing forest therapy to groups including : military, corporate executives, small business, large businesses, franchises, and others, all work teams can benefit from a forest therapy session. 

The efficacy of our approach is backed by a robust body of research (see below). If your team is ready to embrace this innovative approach to team building and personal growth, reach out to us today!

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