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High Risk Professionals

When it comes to professionals, each trade has its own, culture, language, and history. This is especially true when it comes to high-risk professionals like those in the aviation professions, fire fighters, emergency first responders, and military. We know that working within this profession, individuals face different and specific challenges related to accessing mental health services. At Nomina, we have the luxury of working with a current therapist who is also concurrently a pilot, and has has been a first responder. We also are a military veteran owned and operated company.

Supporting the Aviation Community

When it comes to other aviation professionals (pilots, ground crew, flight attendants, Air Traffic Controllers), being cleared to work is critical to being able to do our jobs. Because one of our therapists is also a pilot currently holding both a military aircrew medical as well as a category 1 civilian aviation medical, he knows that sometimes, seeking help for a mental health concern can be scary; not all mental health professionals know the ins and outs of the aviation medical process. They may also not always know how important medical status is to us. By being able to reconcile the psychological impact of a specific mental health concern, and its potential effect on the flying status of a pilot, or the ability of a controller to control, Nomina can ensure that aviation professionals know that everything will be done to try to keep them working. By consulting with Nomina flight surgeons, any medication or interventions will be of minimal possible impact to anyone's medical category. 

Options for Treatment

Nomina offers several options for mental health treatment for aviation professionals. From outpatient treatment either in office or virtually, to dedicated inpatient, Nomina can find options that fit the busy lifestyle of found in this industry. With options to maintain treatment during national or international pairings, Nomina is able to support the aviation industry wherever and whenever is needed. 

Inpatient options are available for those requiring more a of a reset, because as we know, safety is paramount. Any decision to enter inpatient treatment will be done collaboratively between the professional's supporting agency, the client, and in consultation with our flight surgeons. 

Police Car

First Responders

Emergency First Responders face a very specific set of stressors in their day-to-day jobs. Knowing that treatment options are available from those who have experienced some of these stresses can make seeking and accepting treatment that much more achievable

At Nomina, our Winnipeg Clinical Director has served as a volunteer fire fighter, giving back to the local communities in which he has lived, but also facing some difficult situations that our EFRs face in their careers. 

Emergency Vehicles
Jumping Off the Plane


Serving those who serve

Military members are a unique group of individuals who see their share of specific stressors. Having served our country from coast to coast to coast and internationally means that your unique experiences may be hard for others to related to. Nomina is proud to be owned and operated by veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. This can ensure that someone who knows what it's like to serve will be involved in your treatment.


Out Patient

In office or virtual sessions 

Second Stage

Supportive living arrangements

In Patient

Fully supported, 24/7 programs in our BC or Ontario facilities

Continuing Support

On going psychological and supportive counselling for maintenance





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