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Outpatient Rehab 

Near You 

Outpatient mental haelth program

Looking for an advanced outpatient rehab near me? Nōmina’s Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program is a well-respected and dynamic community-based treatment program that supports complex addiction and mental health. 


Our outpatient rehab program is an accessible 6 or 8 week mental health and addiction day program option for those who do not need medical detoxification. Our treatment program can be a safer first step for those interested in more robust outpatient addiction treatment or outpatient mental health programs while remaining at home.

As part of our outpatient rehab, we conduct detailed assessments and develop a customized treatment plan. We provide psychoeducation, group support, holistic lifestyle management, and addiction and mental health counselling. Additionally, we offer our renowned family education and support services.

Working with you, we create elements of your transformational treatment plan to support your recovery journey.


Our  Outpatient Rehab Program Includes:

  • Full initial assessment with various providers as determined by your treatment plan

  • Weekly psychotherapy sessions with both a primary clinician and a dedicated support counsellor who will help you along in your treatment process

  • Direct Neuro Feedback (8-week program)

  • Various evening group supports to help promote individual change and accessibility

  • Support to fitness and other lifestyle needs

  • Integrated family education and support - including an intensive online family program delivered over the course of a weekend

Some services may be available virtually. Check with us to discuss options that are best for you.

Part services may be covered by extended health benefits, and we encourage you to check with your provider.

Call your local Nōmina Integrated Health today and develop your treatment plan.

Need a Little More Support?

Nōmina Wellness @ Forbidden Plateau is a premier mental wellness residential treatment centre, specializing in the holistic treatment of trauma, addictions, and other complex mental health conditions. ​

Nōmina’s second stage and recovery housing lets you remain living in our supportive environment while continuing to access our integrated programs and resources.

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